3 Things Jose Mourinho Must Change At Tottenham Going Into December


Jose Mourinho’s reign at Tottenham has gotten off to a great start having secured three wins out of three games in all competitions, and managed to put Spurs on the right track to sneak into the top four over the next six months.

To maintain a great level of success going into the second half of the Premier League campaign here are three things Jose Mourinho needs to fix at Tottenham;

2Concentration Levels

Tottenham vs Arsenal

This, to a large extent, goes hand in hand with Tottenham’s inability to maintain their dominance for the entirety of a 90-minute game. 

It is because Spurs struggle to maintain peak concentration levels throughout a game that they tend to give their opponents a chance to potentially make a comeback, as we saw in the games against West Ham and Bournemouth.

This is uncharacteristic of a Jose Mourinho side, as the Portuguese tactician’s previous teams were known to have an ‘elite mentality’ to the point where they would only ‘switch off’ on rare occasions.

So far Spurs have ‘switched off’ in every single game they have played since Mourinho took over. This needs to stop going into the second half of the season.


  1. Individual brilliance? So you’re saying the players aren’t supposed to do brilliant things? You obviously have not been watching the games.

  2. Worst article I’ve read in a while
    How blaring is it that the no 1 thing that needs to be improved on is seeing out games/defence
    And you’re telling me we’re relying on individual brilliance when almost all the goals scored under mourinho so far have been ‘team’ goals
    You obviously don’t watch the matches or just don’t know what/how to write

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