4 Reasons Why Tottenham Can Still Secure A Top 4 Finish

Jose Mourinho Manchester United

Following a poor start to the Premier League campaign which has seen Spurs win a total of four games out of a possible 13, it is easy to understand why the Tottenham faithful is pessimistic about their side’s chances of securing a top four finish.

However, Tottenham’s chances of making it into the top four are not as slim as they seem, here are five reasons why;

4The Jose Mourinho Factor

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho always turns out to be somewhat of a controversial figure at every club he takes over, but if there’s one thing he does well, it’s getting results, primarily due to his pragmatic approach to setting his team up for a particular task.

Mourinho has made an illustrious career out of being pragmatic. 

He was able to lead Chelsea to multiple Premier League titles through making use of the art of pragmatism, and at Tottenham, he can employ the same philosophy to secure a top four finish through taking a game-by-game approach and setting his side up tactically, in such a way that will allow Tottenham to garner favourable results en route to a top four finish.